Sunday, August 28, 2016

Four Steps towards Union with Almighty (Part 2)

Received few questions and suggestions through emails and comments to expand further on the concept of ‘Milaaya’ and ‘Paaya’.

As mentioned before, in my opinion there is a significant difference in the meaning of ‘Milaaya’ and ‘Paaya’.

I remember once Baba Hardev Singh ji giving an analogy on this topic.

Suppose, we are browsing in a mall when a beautiful sweater, displayed in a store’s window catches our eye. We stop and look at the sweater through the window glass and admire it for few moments. Just by looking at it, does it mean that we have ‘got it’?

Then we walk into the store and look at it very closely by standing right next to it. We touch it to feel the fabric and texture - it feels very good. But by looking at it so closely and even touching it -
have we really ‘got it’? ‘Paa liya’?

Now we take it to the try room and try it on. It’s a ‘perfect fit’. It feels so good and pleasing; blissful. 
Even though we are wearing it, has it become ‘ours’? 

All these stages are of ‘Milaaya’; we have seen it and enjoyed it temporarily, for a few moments. 
But it’s not ours yet – it’s not ‘Paaya’. 

Until we pay the price, we have not really ‘got it’. 

Now… here comes a crucial - very vital question. 

What is the ‘price’ and to whom it should be paid. 

There can be many different and controversial answers depending on each individual’s own perception. 

Here is one point to consider, to find our own answer.

Spirituality is pertaining to the ‘spirit’ not to the body or the physical world. 

Giving money or rendering physical services, helping the needy etc. are all wonderful traits and virtues, but they all belong to the body and physical world. 
Without the feelings of ‘selflessness’ - though still very helpful for the others and for our own mental satisfaction – they may not be very helpful for the ‘spirit’ or to ‘our own world of spirituality’.  

According to all Holy Scriptures, the price to be paid is ‘shedding the Ego’. 

Satguru Kabeer ji says: 
“Prem-gali hai Saankari, taa-me do na Samaaye”

 “The street or place of love is so narrow that two (love and ego) cannot stay together” 

“Prem na baadi upajay, Prem na haat bikaaye
  Raja Prajaa jehn ruchay, sees de lai jaaye”

“Love (of God) does not grow in the fields, nor it can be bought in the stores. But a king or a layman – anyone who wants it - can give his ‘head’ (ego) and get it.

Giving up the ego is the ‘Price’... 
Not to be shown to others, but to be paid to our own ‘Self’.  

Praying to others and seeking blessings may help, 
but in the end - we have to walk our own path. 

 'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Amazing, perfect !


  2. Dhan Nirankar Ji
    What a beautiful thought ? Thank you very much.

    Harvinder Bains

  3. Wonderful thoughts....i must say ur brilliant mind,concept who relief our soul....may Nirankar bless ur health.....I pray...


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