Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Change is inevitable..But......

Change is inevitable.

When we grow, we automatically change.

Our bodies change. Our thoughts change; our feelings and habits change.  

With time, every individual, institution and organization, system and order and their ways of working require change.

 If we fear change, how will we be able to grow?

We should not be afraid of the 'change'. 

But at the same time, we must see - analyze in which direction the 'change' is taking us; for the betterment or to the contrary? 

By changing the path, are we getting closer to the destination or going away from it? 

Is the change helping us to become more spiritual and humble or more materialistic, exhibitionists and egotistic?  

Are we becoming servers of humanity in the name of God and humanness or for a corporation? 

We must keep a watch on ourselves; as an individual and as an institution as well. 

                                   'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Dhan Nirankar Ji Uncle Ji I have been reading all of your blogs as usual, and it is so helpful as alot of us are going through a very reflective period at this time. In the end Saints/Gurus/Sages after considering the Filters of Time/Space/Country/Culture all focused on the All Pervading, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Formless Energy called by so many names. That is the message that is the Mission to go from Proksh Gyan to Aproksh Gyan. That Brahm exists to I am Brahm....the Spiritual Journey after Divine Knowledge is between these two I believe. Thank you for all of your Wisdom always.


  2. Dhan nirankar uncle ji. Very beautiful message. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep blessings us.

  3. Very beautiful and INTROSPECTIVE message INDEED.

  4. Right advice to keep changing in positive direction and be aware of changes !
    Thanks & Kind Regards

  5. Absolutely true ji��


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