Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Can I have this dance?

Excuse me Nirankar - can I have this dance?
Just the chance to whirl in your expanse?

You lead, I'll follow and we'll dance all night....
I don't know any moves... but we will be alright.

I'm not trying to impress You, I can't impress...
I'm not worthy of your grace, I must confess;

But I've found out who I am and I can't sit still...
I want to dance with my beloved and have my fill..

For if anyone - had found such a treasure:
Timeless, Infinite, the One you can't measure...

Then they too, would want to dance like me;
Romance and stay in a trance... like me

You are in everything and everyone...
You will never end and You never begun

You can't be destroyed, You can't be moved...
Yet my silly ego, wanted your existence proved

You do nothing and yet everything is done with ease
You dance in my thoughts and You do as you please

I've wasted too much time, but now I know
There is no where else that I need to go

There is nothing else that I need to do
There is no one else - there is only You!

The universe expands and yet You still contain
So then how can I fathom You with my brain?

I can't and I won't, I just ask for this dance
Just the chance to whirl in your expanse!

           By: 'Sudhir Kundi ' (UK)

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