Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Does God discriminate?


Some people think of God as a super-being who, when angry, strikes and destroys people and their places by inflicting disease or natural calamities. And when pleased, He provides all good things and happiness to those who worship Him. According to them, He loves and shows favors to His faithful subjects and hates and destroys the ones who do not worship or believe in Him.

They think of God as a super human being with human qualities.

According to the Holy Scriptures, God is beyond all human qualities.

“Naduttay Kasya Chitpaapam, Na chaiva Sukritam Vibhuh
 Agnyaanenaavritam Gyaanam, Taina Muhayanti Jantavah”      
                                                             Bhagvad Gita’ 5:15)

The Lord neither keeps in mind the sins nor good deeds of any. (He does not favor or punish)

The Gyaana (knowledge) is enveloped by ignorance; thereby people are deluded (that God discriminates)


“Roop Na Raikh Na Rang kichh, Traihu-Gun te Prabh Bhinna”                                                                              (Gurubani Page 283)


“He has no form, no shape no color; God is beyond the three qualities; namely Saatvik, Raajsik and Taamsik.”

Discrimination falls under the ‘Taamsik’. Since God is free from the three ‘Gunas‘(qualities), therefore He cannot and does not discriminate.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

'Karma’….. The theory of Cause and effect.

Every effect has a cause and every cause has an effect.

That effect again becomes the cause of another effect, thus forming the continuous links of a constant chain of actions and reactions.

It’s called the ‘Never ending cycle of ‘Karma’.

There are mysteries I do not understand. Perhaps I will never understand.  But when I look around carefully, I see proof that for every effect, there is a cause.

I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet.
I put water in a pot and place it on a burning stove, it boils.
I place a tray of water in the freezer, it becomes ice.
I push a cart and it moves.

The same principal also works on the mental plane.

Mom is angry because the son did not do his homework.
Tom is upset because he lost his job.
Little Johnnie is sad because his cat died.
Parents are happy because their child graduated.
And so on.

When I see some effects and I am unable to determine the cause, my faith in reason and the theory of ‘Karma’ is shaken.

But when I start putting two and two together, I realize there must be a corresponding cause to every effect, even if I can’t see it.

Until few centuries ago, we did not know why the sun comes up every morning.

Now we know that the sun comes up because the world turns.

Now we know that there are reasons for eclipses and change of seasons; for storms and hurricanes; for floods and draughts.

There are still many mysteries that the science has not figured out yet.  

But I find it reassuring that the science has also proved that no effect is possible without a cause and in turn, every cause must bring an effect.

This exactly is the ‘Theory of Karma’.

It helps us to cope with the situations.

It makes us understand that there is no one “up there” to take revenge on us or pulling some random strings, discriminating by doing favors to his favorites and destroying the others.

It makes us understand that whatever happened has happened because of a reason. Our reaction to what has happened will become the cause of further effect. This cycle does not stop but we can change the future effects by changing the reaction to the current effect.

The cycle of ‘Karma’ is the Destiny. It cannot be changed.
Our actions, and reactions to previous actions, make our destiny.

Ability to change the reaction to the current effect and thus changing the future is ‘Free will’.

Both, destiny and the Free-will are interconnected.
They cannot be separated.

                                 ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What we see may not be real.

What we see may not be real.
What is real may not be seen.

Sincere words may not be articulate.
Articulate words may not be sincere.

A good person may not be elegant.
An Elegant person may not be good.

He, who knows, does not show off his knowledge.
He, who shows off his knowledge, does not know.

He, who respects all, is respected by all.
He, who is arrogant, does not get sincere respect.

He, who asks, may be given.
He, who demands, may not get.

He, who leads with love, is followed with love.
He, who leads by power, is followed out of fear.

Saints get satisfaction by giving and serving.
Who craves for more and wants to be served, is always restless.

The saint is always content with what he has.
The worldly is always anxious to achieve more.

The saints pray for everyone’s happiness.
The selfish wants everything for himself.

A saint does not compete against anyone.

The sage is harmful to none and beneficial to all.

                                     ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

What a wonderful Story

बस से उतरकर जेब में हाथ डाला, तो  मैं चौंक पड़ा.., जेब कट चुकी थी.. 

 जेब में था भी क्या..? कुल 150 रुपए और एक खत..!! जो मैंने अपनी माँ को लिखा था कि - मेरी नौकरी छूट गई है; अभी पैसे नहीं भेज पाऊँगा तीन दिनों से वह पोस्टकार्ड मेरी जेब में पड़ा था। पोस्ट करने को  मन ही नहीं कर रहा था।
अब उस खत के साथ साथ  150 रुपए भी जा चुके थे..

यूँ... ......150 रुपए कोई बड़ी रकम नहीं थी., लेकिन जिसकी नौकरी छूट चुकी हो, उसके लिए 150 रुपए  1500 सौ से कम नहीं होते..!! 

कुछ दिन गुजरे... माँ का खत मिला.. पढ़ने से पूर्व  मैं सहम गया। जरूर पैसे भेजने को लिखा होगा.. लेकिन, खत पढ़कर मैं हैरान रह गया। माँ ने लिखा था —“बेटा, तेरा भेजा हुआ  500 रुपए का  मनीआर्डर  मिल गया है। तू कितना अच्छा है रे !पैसे भेजने में  कभी लापरवाही  नहीं बरतता..

 मैं इसी  उधेड़-बुन में लग गया.. कि आखिर   माँ को मनीआर्डर  किसने भेजा होगा..? 

कुछ दिन बाद एक और पत्र मिला.. चंद ही  लाइनें  लिखी थीं आड़ी- तिरछी..।बड़ी मुश्किल से खत पढ़ पाया.. लिखा था भाई, 150 रुपए तुम्हारे.. और 350 रुपए अपनी ओर  से मिलाकर मैंने तुम्हारी माँ को मनीआर्डर  भेज दिया है.. फिकर   करना। माँ तो सबकी  एक- जैसी ही होती है ..!! वह क्यों भूखी रहे...?? 

जेबकतरा भाई..!!! 

दुनियां में  आज भी कुछ ऐसे इन्सान  हैं..!!! 

यदि आप को  भी ये  कहानी अच्छी लगी और आप इस से प्रभावित हुए तो भावुकता में  आँसू  बहाने  की बजाए .. इस कहानी को Share करो..!

​हाथ ​तो उसके भी दुखे होंगे Haath to us kay be dukhay hongay​

​हाथ ​तो उसके  भी  दुखे  होंगे ज़रूर  ​जिसने मेरी राह में काँटे बिछाए होंगे ​ Haath to uskay be dukhay hongay​ zaroor  Jisne meri ...