Friday, August 12, 2016

Jo Jo Deesay - So So Rogi

When we look around, wherever we see and whoever we see, we find that everyone is afflicted with some kind of disease; physical or emotional. Whereas the physical ailments are mostly received from somewhere or someone; through an incidence or accident from the outer world, the emotional disorders related to excessive greed, attachment, expectations, jealousy or ego etc. are brought upon by ourselves from within.  

Gautam Buddha said:
There is suffering in the world.
If there is suffering, then there must be a cause.
If there is suffering, and there is a cause behind it, then there must be a solution for it. 

To be cured, to get rid of any physical ailment, we seek outside help; from a physician, a doctor. Similarly, we might need some outside help from some wise people or the Guru to keep our mind and spirit well-balanced and healthy.

To get rid of a physical ailment, three things have to be there. 
Patient, Doctor and the Medicine. 

The first and foremost thing is that the patient has to realize and admit that he or she is sick. How can a doctor help if the patient does not disclose the symptoms; if he does not even believe that he is sick and needs help or wants to be cured? 

So the first step towards cure is to realize and admit that “I am sick”.

Though the doctor’s role is extremely important, we know that taking proper medicine and keeping the appropriate precautions are sole responsibilities of the patient. 

However, in the matters of mind and spirituality, we tend to think differently. 

We tend to believe that going to the Guru is all we need to do. That he or she will take care of everything for us and we don’t need to do anything. We don’t want to take any responsibility. First of all, we totally deny that we have any greed, anger, jealousy or ego, but by believing that we have the Guru who will eventually take care of everything, we might even become more greedy, angry, jealous and egotistic. 
Buddha said “No one can walk your path”.
It is our journey and we have to walk it ourselves to complete it successfully.
No one else can do it for us. 

        ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Very True. Satguru Tells us to "DO" Simran and all I have been doing is "Saying" Simran. Until I "DO" (Mein Teri Sharan Haan) come to Satgurus Shelter I'll not be forgiven (Meinu Baksh Lo).

  2. Well explained. Thanks.


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