Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lay-Man's Thinking

An engineer in a car manufacturing company designed a world class car. The owner was impressed with the outcome and praised him. 
But while trying to bring out the car from the manufacturing building, they realized that the car was couple inches taller than the entrance door. 
The owner was upset that why the engineer did not notice this before designing the car. Everyone, including the engineer were feeling bad and wondering.... how to take it out of the building. 

The painter said they can slowly drive the car through the door - there will be some damage to the roof of the car and few scratches on the top - which later on, can be fixed and repainted. 

The engineer said that instead of damaging the car, they should break the entrance door and fix it after taking the car out. 

The owner was not happy with any of these ideas. He did not want to break the entrance door or to damage the car.

The doorman was watching all the drama. He approached them and said that he can bring the car out of the building without damaging the door or the car. 

They smiled and wondered what a doorman could tell them what the experts could not. But nonetheless, they asked him to share his idea anyway.

The doorman said “since the car is only a couple inches taller than the entrance - if they release some air from the tires, the height of the car will be lowered and can be easily taken out.

Everyone was amazed at this simple solution and clapped!!


Never under-estimate any one; do not judge people from their status or clothing. 

Don't always try to solve problems from the expert’s point of view. 
There is always a Layman’s point that might give a better solution. 
••••••• •••••••• •••••••••

Life issues are also the same.

Many a times we find ourselves ‘taller’ than our friends and associates; especially if the doors to their heart and wisdom fall short by 'few inches', we feel even taller!!

Release some air of ‘Ego’ and adjust your height. 

          (Courtsey of Aashi Ahuja, Michigan USA)


  1. Thank you Rajanji for this simple but deep message

  2. Very nicely put. Thank you for sharing Rajan ji and Ashi ji.

  3. Very nice and meaningful article :)


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