Monday, August 8, 2016

Are Justifications Necessary ?

Humans are curious by nature. Since the beginning, man looked around at the surroundings and was curious to know how the things are the way they are. Why things happen the way they do; why the sun rises in the morning and goes down in the evening, why does it rain, or why the seasons change etc.

Today, with the advanced knowledge of science, we understand a lot about the nature, our surroundings and why things happen in certain ways.

But still, when some incidents happen that are beyond our comprehension, then we become confused, and try to create our own logics to make some sense of it.

On one hand, we constantly talk about ‘Unconditional-Surrender and Acceptance’ and yet, we try to find some justifications to accept the truth to console ourselves.  

Perhaps ‘Ignorance is our predominant mode in life’.

If we ever find ourselves defending a position, or justifying an incidence, it means we have not been able to accept the ‘will of God’ or the ‘destiny’.

And if we start campaigning to justify to others, explaining how and why it happened by giving our own strange logics, it means fear has conquered our own minds and hearts. It means we are weak and feel defeated; that our defenses are up because we are scared. It’s the fear that is in control.

So we try to come up with some self-created strange logics by manipulating the truth. We tend to scrutinize each small detail of the incidence and try to find some events that can be explained in a peculiar way, take the partial phrases out of context, twist them and explain them in our own way; to prove our own way of thinking. 

But every one may not agree and be willing to accept that logic. 

We tend to forget that ‘every logic may have a counter-logic’.
Every answer we give, may raise more new questions.

Are justifications really necessary?

Do we have to justify everything, every incidence, every happening?

Accepting, not resisting is the key to attain peace.

 “Huqam Razaayi chalnaa Nanak likheya naal”

           "हुक़म रज़ाई चलना नानक लिखया नाल "

Until we learn to accept the reality without any justification, we may not be at peace.

          ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Very well said. Thank you Ji. This was a question I was pondering currently. I felt I wanted to be free from justification created by the mind and your post brought much needed clarity. Thank you.

  2. You are great!
    you took us to the height where we can see ourselves.
    Thank you so much for your well said and well explained words.

  3. Very well said.. why do we not accept His will as it is..
    Thank you very much ji..
    Kind Regards

  4. Answers to lot confusions is summed up here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and guidance always ,Uncle ji.
    May NIRANKAR bless us all with wisdom and strength to understand His will without "if's" and "buts".


  5. Ishwar Chugani - JapanAugust 8, 2016 at 4:59 PM

    Thank you very much for bringing this clarity. For those who still need a justification will continue to live their lives in grief, while those who accept the reality, will live a blissful life. The difference is one lives an unhappy life, while the other shows his appreciation towards his Satguru who blessed him and the Humanity for 36 long years.
    Loves and blessings.
    Ishwar Chugani

  6. Thank you uncle.
    Reminds me of a Zen quote:
    "In Zen, we don't find the answers.
    We lose the questions."


  7. Thank you Aashi ji
    Your quote beautifully sums up the essence of spirituality just in one sentence.

  8. Very well written and would clear many confused minds today.
    Br. C

  9. Very nicely written Uncle Ji, Lord Buddha Ji used to say this, Accept Everything As It Is Without Question. Like a previous article you wrote. Baba Ji once told a Saint who literally lost his family in a accident once, dont question why it happened and accept Gods will. Easy to say, hard to do....Our level of acceptance of Gods will is proportionate to how much we are connected with God, this is the test parameter, normally those who are connected with God or try although still human and can be disturbed, are less than those who would not be. Thank you Uncle Ji for this blog, no matter how we get to a situaion, we have to deal with it here and now, in the end we have to accept.



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