Monday, August 1, 2016

Two Most Vulnerable Stages in Spiritual Life

 There are two stages in life when one needs to be very careful. 

Just like a tree is quite vulnerable when it’s very young, and when it grows extremely tall; in either case it can be uprooted easily.

Similarly, both the stages are quite vulnerable in spirituality also. In the beginning, one may find this path quite difficult or boring and quit. Some people might easily get influenced by others and become confused.

And secondly, when we become over-confidant and start thinking that we know everything and become egotistic.

In both the situations, we may get deviated from the right path and fail to achieve the desired goal.

   ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Thank you so much. As usual your thoughts always provide guidance.
    Dhan Nirankar Ji

  2. Thank you Rajanji. Occasionally it has its impact on life. Thank you for your kind reminder.

  3. Thanks Rajan Ji

  4. Dear Rajan Sachdeva Ji.
    Your explanation on “Two most Vulnerable Stages in Spiritual life” is so true. Kindly continue with your blessings.
    Ishwar Chugani


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