Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Judgment of Character

In a seminar, the speaker asked this question to the audience:

“Can you judge who is the better person with high character out of these three?

Mr. A - Associates with bad politicians, consults astrologers to make his decisions, has two wives, drinks alcohol eight to ten times a day and a chain smoker.

Mr. B - was kicked out of office twice, sleeps till noon, used opium in college, had many affairs & drinks whiskey every evening.

Mr. C - A decorated war hero, a strict vegetarian, didn't smoke, didn’t drink and never cheated on his wife”.

Every one said “Mr. C”

“Alright” the speaker said. 

“Now, let’s see who these people are:

Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt! (32nd President of the USA) 

Mr. B was Winston Churchill!! (Former British Prime Minister)

And Mr. C - Was ADOLF HITLER!!!

Before passing judgment about the character of a person, we should look at the complete picture; and consider the overall achievements and qualities of a person.

     Courtesy of : Harpinder ji (Toronto Canada)


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