Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Beautiful Prayer: Koi Urooj De Na Zawaal De,

Koi Urooj De Na Zawaal De, Mujhe Sirf Itana Kamaal De
Mujhe Apni Raah Mein Daal De, Ki Zamaana Meri Misaal De

Teri Rehmaton Ka Nuzool ho, Mujhe Mehnato'n Ka Sila Mile
Mujhe Maalo-o-Zar ki Hawas Nahin, Mujhe Bus Tu Rizq-e-Halaal De

Mere Zehn Mein Teri Fikr Ho, Meri Saans Mein Tera Zikr Ho
Tera Khauf Meri Nijaat Ho, Sabhi Khauf Dil se Nikaal De

Teri Baargaah Mei Ae Khuda Meri Roz-o-Shab Hai Yahi Dua
Tu Rahim hai Tu Karim hai, Mujhe Mushkilon Se Nikaal De.
                                          (Received from Vikrant Dogra, Jammu)

Meaning of few difficult words:

Urooj …..  Success, Victory, Ascent or progress 
Zawaal …..  Failure, defeat or descent etc. 
Teri Rehmaton Ka Nuzool ho = your blessings may fall upon me 
Sila = reward 
Maalo-o-Zar = Materialistic things and money 
Hawas = Greed 
Rizq-e-Halaal =   Earnings through honest means 
Khauf = fear 
Nijaat = freedom 
Baargaah = Darbaar, meeting place, hall, court 
Roz-o-Shab = day and night


  1. Ye dua kis book se li gai hai allam? Iqbal ki

    1. Thank you. I have "Kulyaate-Iqbaal" in Urdu that was given to me as gift by one of my Pakistani student/friend couple of years back.

    2. Plz tell me the page no or name of nazm/ghazal in kulliyat e iqbal. I couldn't find it.

    3. Plz tll me the page no in kulliyat e iqbal. I could not find it.

    4. I will try to find it and let you know.
      But See... I am not that fast in reading Urdu so it may take some time. I hope I can find it.

    5. If you want to confirm any poetry of Iqbal. just write it in urdu http://www.google.com/intl/ur/inputtools/try/ and copy it and post it in search box of www.amiqbalpoetry.com/


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