Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sometimes We Must Get Hurt

Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow
Sometimes we must fail in order to know

Sometimes we must lose in order to gain
Some lessons in life are learned through pain

Sometimes we must fall, to learn how to rise
Sometimes must struggle, in order to be wise

Sometimes - our vision only clears
after eyes are washed away with tears

Then it's time to see everything wisely
and must realize the 'truth' precisely

Some say that 'strange are His ways'
Are they really? or is it 'destiny' that plays

We keep on asking 'why - why- why?
But why not give 'Acceptance' a try?

The life goes on - the world stops not
It doesn’t really matter if we want it or not

Narrow or bumpy, the path we should follow
Without the 'True Gyana' the faith would be hollow 

Accept the ‘Reality’ - and pain will cease
‘Surrender’ is the key to remain at peace

    ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

Note: Inspired by reading few different versions of a famous quote and added few more lines to it: 
“Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow”


  1. Excellent. Words of wisdom indeed.

  2. So simple and deep......

  3. Very nice thoughts ji��.....nirankar se ardas banti hai ke tere raza mein rehna aa jaae aur tere Santo ke nishkaam seva aur sang bana rahe.....aap ji ke blessings bhi इस roop mein milta rahe...

  4. Well said our dear Rajan Sachdeva Ji . Thanks a lot .
    Premjit Singh .

  5. This is a very nice poem indeed!

  6. Very nicely written Rajan ji.
    - Ajit.


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