Saturday, August 15, 2015

Seed and the Tree / Why God created the world

God and the Universe are like seed and the tree. 

The seed when developed in space and time becomes the tree.
In the tree where is the seed? 
The seed has become the tree. Both are the same.
The seed is the unexpressed form of the Tree.
The tree is the expressed form of the seed.
In the tree the seed has manifested.
The tree is not 'created' by the seed, but the seed transformed into the tree.
The seed does not become a tree instantaneously. It grows slowly.
So does the universe. It slowly expands and continues to expand, develop and grow.
We can find out how the seed grows and transforms into the tree, we can understand the process, but no one can answer why it transforms into the tree. The only explanation could be “because it has the potential”.

Why God manifested Himself into Maya, the world?
I guess, because He could; because He has the potential to do so. 

              ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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