Thursday, August 20, 2015


We all tend to invest in something for the future. It’s the human nature. Many people invest money in savings, bank accounts, stocks and bonds or in real estate etc. I think investing in education and children is the best investment of all; educating oneself and the children.

If the parents can instill good education and morality; virtues of modesty, honesty and kindness in the minds of their children, then that would be the best investment they will ever make which will last for long time. The children, who are brought up with unconditional love and affection; when they see how the parents have sacrificed their own luxury and pleasure for the sake of their needs, they will intuitively try to return the same love and affection to the parents when they grow old or become helpless.

A couple of days ago, I went to see my banker for some advice on getting a loan. The bank manager was very nice, courteous and extremely helpful. Out of curiosity, she asked me what I need it for. When I told her that it was for my son, she shook my hand and with a huge smile on her face, she said “You know; this is the best investment you are making”.
During the conversation, she told me that she also strongly believes in investing in the children; not just the money, but love, care, affection, and teachings of the family values and morality.
“You never know what will happen with money”, she said, “stocks may go up and down, money can be lost and health care laws for seniors can be changed, but even if you lose everything, those children will take care of you, because the family values will stay with them forever”.

I believe not only will they take care of the parents in their old age, but since “Children learn what they see”, when they grow up, they will instinctively do the same thing with their children; teaching them the same values. And the legacy of the parents, their cultural heritage will continue through their children from generation to generation.

As they say, we continue to live through our children.

                 ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. I totally agree with your views. Sometimes the education without morality tends to overturn the life. However, we always hope that our children grow up to our expectations, sometimes the environmental surroundings change things. DHJ Prem​

  2. Rev. Rajan Sachdeva Ji , Thanks for your valuable thoughts on Investment .God bless U & all those who Love U sincerely Dear .
    Premjit Singh

  3. No doubt investing in your children is the best investment.

  4. Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories. This was a beautiful article you wrote. Thanks.
    Gorav Raheja

  5. Very nice and beautiful article ji..!


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