Monday, August 3, 2015

Aadmi ko bhi Mayyassar nahin Insaan hona

Yesterday, in the seminar of ‘Oneness’ held in Toronto, Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji quoted a beautiful ‘sher’ (verse) written by Mirza Ghalib:

“Aadmi ko bhi Mayyassar nahin Insaan hona”

(How strange it is that even the man is not capable of keeping his ‘humanity’)

Baba ji said in these times of turbulence and violence, it is hard to hold on to human values even for those who want to.
But nevertheless, we must not lose hope and keep trying to spread the message of oneness and humanity. Blessed are those who strive to make this world a better place than how they found it.

 बस कि दुश्वार है हर काम का आसां होना 
आदमी को भी मयस्सर नहीं इन्सां होना 

“Bus ki Dushvaar hai har kaam ka aasaan hona
 Aadmi ko bhi mayyassar nahin Insaan hona” 

                                             ‘Mirza Ghalib’ (1797 -1869)

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