Saturday, August 29, 2015

Attachments and Expectations

We all have expectations form everyone around us.
Parents from children and children from parents, students from teachers and teachers from students, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, friends and relatives, employees and boss, people and government; all have some expectations from each other’s. 
Even Gurus have certain expectations from their disciples.

It is extremely hard, almost impossible to get rid of ‘attachments and expectations’.

Sant Tulasi Das Says:

“Mamataa tu na gayi mere man tay 
Paake kes janam ke ssathi, laaj gayi Lokan tay
Pag thaake kar kampan laage, Jyoti gayi nainan tay
Sarvan bachan na sunat kaahu ke, Bal gaye sab indrin tay
Tootay dasan bachan nahin aavat, sobha gayi mukhan tay”

“Hair turned grey and gradually gone,
 No more worry what people would say (about my appearance)
 Feet are tired and hands are trembling
 Eye sight has weakened
 Ears don’t hear when someone talks
 Body organs have lost their strength
 Teeth are gone and it’s hard to speak
 Face has lost its shine and glow

 But still, the ‘attachment’ has not left me yet.
 It is very much there.”       (Sant Tulsi Das)

Though attachment could be with anything, like people or the possessions or even thoughts and certain ideology, ‘Mamataa’ means attachment with the loved ones.
And, attachments and expectations go hand in hand. 

Since there is attachment with the loved ones, we have certain expectations from them too. If not much, we expect them at least to take care of us when we grow old or become helpless.

Not only from children, relatives and the loved ones, we also have expectations from God, the Almighty.
We usually expect some returns and rewards for our Bhakti, devotion and prayers. 
We expect God to get rid of the ‘evil’ and protect us from disasters and natural calamities etc.

And it is also believed that God too, has certain expectations from us.

Does it ever end?

                   ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

ममता तू न गई मेरे मन तें 

पाके केस जनम साथी, लाज गई लोकन  तें  

पग थाके कर कंपन लागे, ज्योति गई नैनन तें 

सरवन  बचन न सुनत काहू के , बल गए सब इंद्रिन  तें 

टूटे दसन बचन नहिं आवत सोभा गई मुखन  तें 

कफ पित्त वात  कंठ पर बैठे, सुतहिं बुलावत कर  तें  

भाई बंधु सब परम प्यारे नारी निकारत घर  तें  

जैसे ससि मंडल बिच स्याही छुटै न कोटि जतन  तें 

'तुलसीदास' बलि जाऊँ चरन ते, लोभ पराए धन  तें  

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