Friday, August 7, 2015

Conditioning of the Mind

Have you ever seen a small boy driving dozens of ducks to the lake with a small stick?
Another small boy drives hundred sheep in the field with a thin long stick.

How can a small boy command an entire flock of ducks or sheep with a slender stick? The ducks and sheep quietly obey and move towards the pointed direction. In truth, they don't need to obey it. Because that small boy does not have any real power over them, but yet, they do obey him. Why?

They obey the stick because they respond to their earlier conditioning. Once the sheep has received some beating with the stick, they eventually start responding to the commands simply when the stick is shown to them. Their mind becomes conditioned. Now even a small boy can exercise his power over them, and they quietly respond, yet neither realizes that their bond is provisional.

Human mind also gets conditioned in the same way.

We also respond to our pre-conditioned ideas; the ideas that our mind has been conditioned to since the childhood by the parents, teachers, friends and society.  

To realize the ‘Truth’, one needs to become free from any kind of  ‘Pre-conditioning’.

    ‘Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Doesn't it work both ways... the realisation of truth also causes the withering of pre-conditioned ideas.

    1. Yes it does. But as long as mind is pre-conditioned with pre-conceived ideas, one may not be even willing to accept and realize the truth.

  2. When we have the privilege of having Satguru and God-realization that our mind can instantaneously become spotless and pure and last as long as we continue to dwell in Him. Else we have to go on using unnecessary means that don't last anyways

    1. I believe having knowledge and applying it are two different things.Just receiving knowledge may not change much in one’s life.
      But as you rightly said “as long as we continue to dwell in Him" is the key.


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