Friday, August 14, 2015

The Mission

By: Vishal Babbar, Patiala

Yesterday, while reading a newspaper, I read an article in which the author mentioned that he was allotted a government House in sector Chandigarh. When he shifted to his new house, he met his neighbors and soon they became friends.

The author and his family started spending most of their weekends with their neighbors. Few days later, they found out that the neighbors belonged to a religious /spiritual mission where they used to spend half of their Sundays in their Satsang Bhavan or Ashram.

One Sunday the neighbor invited the author and his family to visit the ashram and attend the Satsang. After some initial hesitation, they agreed.

After entering the Satsang Bhavan, they immediately noticed a very friendly and family like environment, the clean surroundings and the respect for each other among the members. They soon felt very comfortable and at home, and started listening to the thoughts and personal experiences of the speakers carefully. The beautiful, melodious devotional songs touched their hearts. They were quite impressed how everything was based on oneness, love for humanity and peace. They were so grateful to their friend for bringing them here.

After reading that article, I thought they learned so much just by attending one Satsang at the Bhavan, but what about me?
I have been attending the Satsang, Congregation every Sunday for past so many years. What changes have I gone through in my life after getting the divine knowledge?

Then few questions came to my mind.

Why having divine knowledge is important for us?

Why did I join this mission?

What changes have I made in myself after taking the divine knowledge?

Then I tried to review every chapter and every day of my life after having this divine knowledge. And I found that even if it didn’t change much in me, it definitely changed one thing at least and that is my thinking and attitude towards others.

It changed my views about everyone around me.
It provides me the ability to make loving relations with others without any discrimination.
It makes me humble and gives me the ability to respect everyone in the world regardless of their life style or who they are.

It helped me to reduce my ego because now I know that I am nothing and God is everything.

It taught me to love and respect every creature made by God.
In this world, many people strive to meet good people, to find good friends. Because of this mission I already have many good friends and good company.

It teaches me that the purpose of my life is to become as good as I can; because my success and happiness depends upon my karma.

                    “Vishal Babbar”  (Patiala, Punjab, India)

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