Monday, August 10, 2015

Praying in Distress

Usually when we are happy and satisfied with our circumstances, we do not remember God. It’s only when we are suffering or need something that we remember and pray to God. And even if we do pray in the happy times; during happy festivities and celebrations, it’s not with same intensity as when we pray in distress.

When in distress, we desperately start looking for some help. When nothing else works, we turn to God. That moment of distress and helplessness, that intensity of prayer is what brings us closer to Almighty.

That is why Guru Nanak said “Dukh Daaru, Sukh rog bhayaa”.

A child full of vigor does not want to be held by the mother and sit in her lap for long.  He wants to play and run around. It’s only when he is hurt or hungry that he wants to nestle in the mother’s lap. It’s not that the child does not need or love his mother all the time, but the intensity is certainly different in both the situations. When full of energy and not hungry, he moves away from the mother, but when hurt and hungry, he runs towards her.

Most of the times, most of us also tend to do the same.

It’s natural to get absorbed with joy of dancing and entertainments during the parties and festivities and forget everything else.
One may occasionally thank the Lord for that joy and happiness, but the sincerity and intensity would be certainly different.

It’s like that passenger, who is scared to death, praying for a safe arrival while riding in a cab with a rough and reckless driver verses praying in an air-conditioned congregation hall as a part of the routine or ritual.

Guru Kabeer ji said:
“Dukh me Sumiran sab Karen, Sukh me kare na koye’

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remember 'Him' and pray with the same passion during the happy moments also?

It sounds good and logical but it may not be easy.

It’s not possible for the human mind to stay focused on one certain thought for all the time or even for too long with the same intensity. It needs diversion.

I think the best thing would be to create a balance.  

Two ways of Sumiran are mentioned in the Gurubani.

 "Uthat baithat sovat jaagat, eh man tudhe chitaaray”

During every activity; walking, sitting, sleeping or awake, my mind should remember you (The Lord).

“Hari ka naam japahu sant meet, Savdhaan ekaagra cheet”

 “O’ dear friends and fellow saints, contemplate on God’s name with full concentration of the mind.”

While doing other activities, we can only remember other things, including the Lord’s name, in the back of our head. Therefore we should spend some time at least to concentrate upon Sumiran with complete attention and dedication.

                            ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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