Monday, August 10, 2015

Preacher and the Taxi Driver

After a preacher died and went to heaven, he noticed that a New York Taxi driver had been awarded a better and higher place than him.

“I don’t understand” He complained to Saint Peter. 

“I devoted my entire life preaching to my congregation. I gave sermons twice a day every day and yet this cab driver gets a higher place than me”. 

Saint Peter explained “You know, our policy here in heaven is to reward the results. Now tell me. Was your congregation well attuned and attentive to you whenever you gave sermon?”

“Well”, the minister had to admit, “Many people in my congregation fell asleep from time to time.”

“Exactly”, said Saint Peter. “And when people rode in the taxi of this man, they not only stayed awake, but they even prayed, constantly and sincerely from the core of their hearts, till they reached to their destination.” 

                         It’s the result that counts. 

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