Friday, June 6, 2014

What is the best time for meditation / to do the Sumiran?

Early morning? Middle of the day? Or before going to sleep?

I think any time and every time.

Whatever the best time of day is for you; is the best time for you to do the Sumiran.

During the school days, we were advised by parents and teachers that best time to study is early morning. Because usually mind is fully rested and fresh after a long night’s sleep, it is easier to concentrate.

However, some people thought that the night time before sleeping, would be the best time to study because there is nothing else to do at that time. No worry about getting ready for school. Couldn't go out to play with friends at night and there was no TV in those days. One can concentrate better without any distraction at night.

Yet there were others who could not get up early or stay awake till late night. Middle of the day or early evening was the optimal time for them.

So what is the rule?

I guess whatever works for each individual. It could be different for everyone. 

If your mind is fresh in the morning, that is the best time for you to meditate, to do the Sumiran.

If you start your work quite early and don’t want to be late, then you might be constantly looking at the time instead of concentrating on Sumiran.

In that case, if your mind is free at the end of the day, then that might be the best time for you.

When you are at your best, is the best time to meditate, to do the Sumiran.

                                                ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


Some people have asked me in the past why I use the word ‘Meditation’.

I guess they think that ‘meditation’ is some kind of tradition or ritual associated with some particular religion.

According to the dictionary, meditation simply means to think, contemplate or focus in a calm and deliberate manner.

In religious or spiritual context it means praying or doing Sumiran with concentration; calmly and quietly, by emptying the mind and focusing on Almighty God.

First and foremost it is said:

“Hari Hari Naam Japahu Man Meet”
 Chant the name of Lord in your mind, O’ friends. 
                                                        (Mehla 5  Adi Granth Page 1339)

Prabhu ki Ustati Karahu Sant meet
Saavdhaan Ekaagra Cheet.     

“Sing the praise of God O’ Saints, O’ friends,
  with total concentration and one pointed focused mind.”
                                                        (G G S page #295)

Therefore, in reality, Sumiran and meditation are synonymous.

                                                          ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


Here is the literal meaning of Meditation in the dictionary: 
 To meditate:      med·i·tate  
v. med·i·tat·ed, med·i·tat·ing, med·i·tates
1. To reflect on; contemplate.
2. To plan in the mind; intend: 
3. To think or reflect, especially in a calm and deliberate manner.

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