Friday, June 20, 2014

God’s grace cannot be exclusive.

God’s grace cannot be exclusive.

Some people believe that God does favors and provides extra comforts to those whom He loves.
That would make Him unjust and discriminative. If He is perfect, then He could not be unfair to anyone.

Just like sun does not chose to shine over certain flowers in a garden or certain houses on a street and not others.

The clouds do not chose to shower rain over certain people’s farms and not others.

God does not discriminate and provide only to His favorites and not others.

“Jaan ko dait, Ajaan ko dait, Zami ko dait Zamaan ko Daihay”

जान को देत अजान को देत जमीन को देत जमान को दै है ॥ 
                       (From: Guru Gobind Singh’s Tva-Prasad Savaiye)  

He provides sustenance to all animate and inanimate beings; knowing or unknowing, wise or ignorant and to all those on the earth and in the sky.


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