Monday, June 30, 2014

We are all growing

The universe is constantly expanding. So are we.

Every individual is constantly growing, expanding and becoming ‘more’ in his own way; in knowledge, experience and possession.

The Indian Holy scriptures declare “Jo Brahmanday soi Pinday”

“What is in the outer universe, the same is within.”

Just like the outer universe, the individual consciousness also constantly expands.

I think ‘Expanding’ could be defined in two different ways;
1.      Moving away from the center or
2.    Reaching farther and bringing ‘more’ into one’s own fold.

The question is which way are we expanding?

Are we moving away from the ‘center’, from the real ‘Self”, from God in order to expand our experience of worldly pleasures?

Are we simply trying to expand in terms of worldly possessions and power only or in spiritual aspects and virtues as well?

Is it the sense of ‘oneness’, or is it our ego which is growing and expanding more?

These are the questions we should ask, not others, but ourselves.

That is why the great ‘Upanishads’ command: 
                “Watch your thoughts”.

                                                                           ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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  1. Every weekend we do a sangath within the family and this post identified with the topic of improvement that we discussed.


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