Tuesday, June 3, 2014

If you try to overfill

If you try to overfill a cup, it spills.

If you try to overfill a balloon, it explodes.  

If you try to over-sharpen a pencil, the lead breaks.

If you try to over-stretch a rubber band, it breaks.

If you fill your palm with sand and squeeze it hard, it slips thru the fingers.
Similarly, if the leaders and rulers try to over-control, their subjects start to rebel.

It’s better to stop in time rather than overfilling.

Sharpen the pencil just to the right point.

Holding on to your power and possessions too tight will bring grief when you lose them.

Constantly boasting of wealth and power may create more enemies than friends.

Do not try to over-control your friends and followers, they might walk away.

Friends and loved ones are not one’s possessions. No one can retain them forever by controlling.

Egotistic attitude brings trouble on oneself.

Compassion and humility is the way to spirituality.

                ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


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