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A comment and clarification about: Why ‘Truth’ (God) cannot be achieved with intellect?

A comment  about:
 Why ‘Truth’ (God) cannot be achieved with intellect?
Glass is always FULL. Some portion with WATER & rest with AIR.

It seems that perhaps I was not able to explain it clearly. The example was not about the technicality ......of glass being filled with air or vacuum. It is psychological; an intellectual view of two different people who are looking at the milk. They are only interested in milk. One is sad because there is only half a glass of milk while the other is happy because half is better than nothing. 
Obviously your view is optimistic, that the glass is always full, since there is air also; which is an excellent practical way of living a happy life. But it is not a reality; since we are looking at the milk, nothing else.

Similarly, we have to understand and face the reality in life; the reality of ‘Truth’.

This is what I had said:

<<<"It makes us chose to believe if the glass is half full or half empty.
An optimist will chose to believe the former and the pessimist will chose the latter.

A realist however sees it in totality; half full and half empty, and accepts it as it is.">> (From: Why ‘Truth’ (God) cannot be achieved with intellect?)

The point I was trying to make is that God or nature cannot be understood or judged by any intellectual point of view; whether it is optimistic or pessimistic.
Truth is the ‘whole’ reality which must be understood and accepted as ‘whole’, and that is only possible with faith and devotion, not by intellect.

“Aqlaan Sochaam Pahunch na Sakkan, Meharaan di Behaddi te”
                                                                                      (Avtar Vani # 4)

“Sochai Soach Na Hovaii, Je Sochi Lakh Vaar”
                                                                                (Japu ji Sahib)


Rajan Sachdeva

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