Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why ‘Truth’ (God) cannot be achieved with intellect?

Intellect always divides and chooses.

It weighs both sides; the opposites, pros and cons and then chooses.  

Truth is whole; cannot be divided, dissected or chosen.

Just like one cannot love in parts or segments.
True love is whole. Loving means loving as it is.

When we try to understand God thru intellect, we begin to see Him in parts.

We try to understand Him from different angles; from our angle.

We begin to see good and evil.
We start judging and justifying His actions.

When we see ‘good’, we say God is great.

When we see evil, cruelty, natural disasters and catastrophes and tragedies, we ask “where is God now? How can He let this happen?”

Even those who accept, try to justify it intellectually by saying “God must have had some other plans”.

Such acceptance is also conditional; with a hope and expectation of seeing something better in the future.

It is hard to see and accept the ‘whole’.

It is impossible to fit God into logical molds and patterns.

This is why we cannot reach God thru intellect. Because Intellect makes us chose and justify.

It makes us chose to believe if the glass is half full or half empty.

An optimist will chose to believe the former and the pessimist will chose the latter.
A realist however sees it in totality; half full and half empty, and accepts it as it is.

‘Truth’ or God is ‘Whole’ and we must see, witness and love Him as ‘Whole’, without trying to understand, judge or justify in anyway.

To accept; to surrender and love in such a way is beyond the realm of intellect.

                                                      ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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