Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The air filled Balloons

Yesterday, while watching thru the window, I saw some children playing outside with balloons.

The balloons were filled with helium gas and tied with long strings.

The children were holding the other end of the string which did not allow the balloons to fly off.

It was very interesting to watch the children play, as they would let the balloon go up a little high for a while and then pull it back.

Sometimes they would let it go up very slowly and then suddenly, with one quick pull, bring it close to the ground again.

It was forced, alternatively, to be at two different places; on ground and up in space.

My mind started to wander off.

It made me think that this is exactly what we do every day. We are trying to live in two seemingly different worlds; material and spiritual, by keep going back and forth.

The ‘Chitta’ or self may be compared with the balloon that Guru has filled with the Gyana and devotion, which lifts it up higher in the spiritual realms. But it is tied with a string of ego and desires which is held by the mind.

One moment, the Chitta goes up (spiritually) the next moment we pull it back to the material world.

Sometimes we slowly let it go higher up thru the Sumiran and devotion, but then suddenly bring it back to the ground with earthly desires of power.

“Kabahoo Jiaraa Ubh chadhat hai, Kabahoo jaae Pai-aale
Lobhi Jiaraa Thir na Rehat hai, Chaare kunda Bhaale “       
                                                             (Ramakli Mehla 1, Page 876)

“Sometimes, the mind soars high in the heavens, sometimes it falls to the lowest regions.
The greedy mind never stays stable; it keeps wandering and searching in all (four) directions.”                            
                                                                            (Guru Nanak Dev ji)

Just like the natural tendency of helium filled balloon is to go up, the natural tendency of the Soul or the enlightened Self is to rise higher.

But the mind keeps it earth bound.

We are afraid of leaving the ground; the false identity and ego, and flying in the spiritual space of stillness and non-existence.

                                                      ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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