Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Q:  What if others keep creating problems and make it difficult for us to continue our spiritual journey?

Even if some difficulties or misery truly come from the outside, still blaming others is not the solution. 

One should try to neutralize that influence by choosing a different course of action and by trying to disassociate with such persons and situations.  

But if the problem comes from within, the solution must come from within as well. 

Before we blame parents, friends, relatives, teachers or co-workers for our misery, we should remember that our actions and reactions to the situations are chosen by us, not others; therefore no one else is to blame but our-self.

At the same time, constantly blaming our-self will also make us feel guilty and depressed all the time, which is also a big obstacle in any kind of progress; physical mental or spiritual.

Remember the Mahaa Vaakya, the great verse from Bhagavad Gita:

“KarmanayaVaadhikaaraste, Maa Phaleshu kadaachina”

“We have the control over actions (and reactions).
We do not have any control over the outcome.”

Solution is in acceptance.

We might be able to solve the problems by accepting whatever has happened and trying to change the course of our future actions and reactions but not by complaining and blaming others or ourselves.  
Misery does not always come from what others say or do, but how we take and react to it.

Controlling the way we react to adverse situations can change the course of future.

Think, not twice but three, four or five times before replying in anger.

Sometimes silence is the best remedy.

Not just silencing the tongue, but silencing the mind.

Silencing the tongue may control the situation; it is the silencing of the mind that brings peace in one’s life.

Though I have not yet perfected this technique, by writing and sharing these thoughts, I am hoping that one day I may also be able to learn and practice it in my own life.

May the Lord bless us all.

                    ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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