Monday, June 2, 2014

Concentrate on your own faults

Though everyone has some faults and weaknesses, concentrate on your own.

We all have a tendency of blaming others.

Whenever something goes wrong, we always find someone else to blame for it; parents or children, friends or co-workers, subordinates or boss, community or the government. If we can’t find someone around, then we start blaming devil or demons and even God.

Instead of criticizing and blaming others, we should look into our own faults and shortcomings.

  "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"
                                                    (New Testament…Luke: 41)

Usually we are too quick to criticize others and too slow to appreciate. When someone does or says something good, we hardly appreciate it. Often, we don't even respond. But if someone says or does something, that we don't like, we immediately start to question and criticize.

"But Beej sum Par-Avgun Jin ko kar to man meru Dikhaave

Meru Sum Apno avagun Tin ko kar Tu But Beej  Janaave

eem Santan '
Ren' Kahe man syon Par Avagun Dhaamp Tab-he Sukh Paave "

 'Sant Ren ji' (Pronounced 'Rain') 15th century


Other's faults, even if they are as small as a Banyan seed (Size of a Mustard seed), Oh my mind! You present them to others like a mountain.

Your own faults even if they are as big as a mountain; you consider them as small as a mustard seed.

Thus says 
Sant 'Ren'; by hiding or not propagating other's faults and shortcomings, you can find peace & happiness, oh mind.

बट बीज सम पर अवगुण जिन को कर तू मन मेरु दिखावे 
मेरु सम अपनो अवगुण तिन को कर तू बट बीज जनावे 
ईम संतन 'रेनकहै  मन स्यों पर अवगुण ढांप तबहै सुख पावे 

                                                  (संत रेन जी)

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