Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Does God discriminate?


Some people think of God as a super-being who, when angry, strikes and destroys people and their places by inflicting disease or natural calamities. And when pleased, He provides all good things and happiness to those who worship Him. According to them, He loves and shows favors to His faithful subjects and hates and destroys the ones who do not worship or believe in Him.

They think of God as a super human being with human qualities.

According to the Holy Scriptures, God is beyond all human qualities.

“Naduttay Kasya Chitpaapam, Na chaiva Sukritam Vibhuh
 Agnyaanenaavritam Gyaanam, Taina Muhayanti Jantavah”      
                                                             Bhagvad Gita’ 5:15)

The Lord neither keeps in mind the sins nor good deeds of any. (He does not favor or punish)

The Gyaana (knowledge) is enveloped by ignorance; thereby people are deluded (that God discriminates)


“Roop Na Raikh Na Rang kichh, Traihu-Gun te Prabh Bhinna”                                                                              (Gurubani Page 283)


“He has no form, no shape no color; God is beyond the three qualities; namely Saatvik, Raajsik and Taamsik.”

Discrimination falls under the ‘Taamsik’. Since God is free from the three ‘Gunas‘(qualities), therefore He cannot and does not discriminate.

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