Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Past is History"

The past always looks glorious to us. 
We usually try to glorify the great people, heroes and saints from the past but we usually do not have much regard for the contemporary saints, leaders or heroes. We worship the dead and tend to neglect the living ones. 
Have you ever noticed that you can cross through the red traffic lights if you are following a procession behind a dead body -without being stopped by police and getting a ticket? But you cannot do that if you are following a living person closely since you don’t have the proper directions. Strange, isn't it? 
It seems strange, but that's how it is.
And that’s the way we are in our day to day life as well. We praise and worship the dead ones, while we envy and resent the living leaders, Saints and even Gurus. 
                    आए  दी ते क़दर न जानन, दीवे  बालन  मढ़ियां ते                                     कहे अवतार अड़े  ने मूरख अज्ज वी ओहना अड़ियाँ ते  (अवतार वाणी 8)

'Aaye di te qadar na jaanan, Deeve baalan madhiyaan te
 Kahe Avtar ade ne moorakh  ajj vee ohna adiyaan te'
                                                      (Avtar Bani verse 8)

Though our past does have a great influence on what we are today but we cannot live constantly in the past to make a better future. By clinging to the past, we can neither enjoy the present, nor function effectively for a better future. 
As Baba Avtar Singh ji said:
                            "बीते  नूं  ललचाइयाँ नज़रां नाल तकाना माया ऐ "
                         “Beetay nu lalchaaiyan nazaraan naal takaana mayaa ae” (Avtar Vani 85)
            It’s delusional to live in the past. (Maya – deceptive illusion)
Strangely, it has become like a fashion these days to narrate a popular quote: “Past is history, Future is mystery, and the Present is a gift”. But at the same time, we are constantly talking about the past and admiring it - focusing and spending most of our time and energy to glorify the past. Which shows that we have not accepted the ‘present’ with open hearts – therefore we may not be at peace. 
In order to find peace and joy, we must accept the present as it is – wholeheartedly - and continue to strive to achieve the desired aim. 
Unfortunately, we cannot move forward unless we let go of the past. 

                          'Rajan Sachdeva'

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  1. Dhan Nirankar Rajan Sachdeva Ji,

    Thank you for your wonderful explanation. Kindly allow me to add the following.

    If we start doing good deeds in our present time, later on in future we can take a look at our past actions and feel contented about it. Further if we are determined to continue with the current process, then our past, our present and our future will always be in a good shape.

    Really thankful to Rev. Baba Avatar Singh Ji Maharaj, for setting these guidelines for us in his Avatar Bani.

    Loves and blessings.
    Ishwar Chugani
    Universal Brotherhood
    Yokohama Japan.


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