Friday, July 28, 2017

Perceptions and Interpretations

In the course of our life, we engage in countless activities, and receive many sensations from whatever we see or hear. However, what we actually feel or experience, depends on our own perception and interpretation. Every object and incidence can be perceived differently by different people – or by the same people - at different times, in different circumstances. 
The problem of misperception usually comes from our tendency to isolate particular aspects of an event and view them as ‘whole’. That implies a narrowing of perspective and creates a false perception. 

Same is true with people as well. We look at a person’s life from one aspect – from one particular angle and create certain image in our mind – good or bad – based on our own perception. Quite often, we even try to convince others what we believe – to paint the same picture in other people’s minds that we have created in our mind. Since our belief is based upon our personal judgment and experience, it can be justified too.
However, a narrow perspective – judging someone from one single angle – creates false perceptions and unrealistic expectations. 
But when we consider the reality itself – by looking at all other aspects of any particular event or an individual’s life, we may understand its infinite complexity. 
Then only we may realize that quite often we have an inadequate perception of everything and everyone around us.
                             'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. One good habit to be developed is to overcome the urge of judging others. Every person has something good, just pick that and move on. Dnj


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