Friday, July 21, 2017

Past, Present & Future

If you want to experience fear - think of the future.
If you want to experience shame and guilt - think of the past.
If you want to improve and progress - concentrate on present. 

Fear stops us from doing something different. There is always some risk in trying new ideas. 
What will happen in the future, is most likely to be uncertain, but how will we find out the outcome if we don’t even try? 

Not only the ‘Feeling of shame and guilt’ brings depression and makes us inactive – constantly talking and taking pride in a glorious past may also have a similar effect on individuals and the psyche of a society as well. Thinking, that we can never achieve those heights again, can also make us sedentary and not wanting to do anything to improve the current situation.

In order to progress – individually, and as a group or society - we need to think rationally and work together to create a positive environment in the present moment.
                                     ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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