Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Close the Doors to the Past.

Wise people open the door to the future by closing the doors to the past.
How can you drive forward if you constantly keep looking through the rear-view mirror?
How can a Brahm-Gyani get stuck with the past?
Wisdom means- remember the past, learn from it and move forward.
As Gurubani says: “Sahib mera nit navaan”
A Brahm-Gyani constantly sees the Lord and his works; His creation in new ways, in new shapes and forms – without getting attached with the past.
Just as long-distance travelers look for the landmarks or milestones – to see where they are – if they are on the right path or not and how far they have to go – The spiritual seekers should also look for the signs to know where they stand and if they are on the right track or not.
If we are attached to the past – if we are stuck with the memories of the past - regardless of how glorious it might have been – we are on the wrong path. It’s time to investigate our ideology through the Gyana - to set our priorities straight –to analyze our thinking process – and see things in the right perspective. 

If we want to move forward - towards the future - then we must close the door to the past. 

                                  'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. What a positive message.....

    Thank you
    Vishal Babbar

  2. Thank you Rajanjee for the inspiring message.


  3. Well said Rev. Rajan Sachdeva Ji about Close the Doors to the Past.
    Premjit Singh .

  4. Thanks alot for sharing


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