Saturday, September 26, 2015

‘Jaisa Ann -Taisa Man’ / Food vs Thoughts Part 2


It’s not only what kind of food we eat that affects us, but how it's earned and cooked also affects our thoughts. Bhapa Ram Chand ji Kapurthala used to stress upon this factor in his Vichaar or discourses. He used to say that the food we eat, the clothes we wear and house we live in should be earned properly by honest means. Since the cooking was mostly done in India by women in those days, he would tell them to cook happily, not angrily and to do Sumiran while cooking. If you have some guests, he would say, cook simple food with less number of dishes if you are tired but do it willingly and happily, because whoever eats it, will get the same vibrations from that food.

I remember Sant Amar Singh ji Patiala used to say that many times we feel that “kya karen ji. Ab ye aa hi gaye to hain to chai to banaani hi padegi na.” (What can I do now? Since they have come here, weather I like it or not, will have to make some tea or something to serve them.)  
Even if you are able to hide your real emotions by putting up a fake smile on your face, somehow they will get those vibrations of ‘unwillingness’ through that food and drinks. He would add “Agar seva karni hai to bhaavna se karo, shradhaa aur prem se karo” (If you want to serve, then serve with love, affection and devotion.)

I remember an incidence that Bhapa Bhagat Ram ji Barnala shared with me while we were traveling in Kashmir.  
He told me that from a very young age, he had the fortune to be under the guidance of many great and saintly people that had shaped his thinking and simple and pious life style. Once he had, in his own words, “not so good dream” that continued for a couple of nights. He felt very disturbed by it and went to Bhapa Ram Chand ji and said “I am feeling bad. I had a bad dream, but I can assure you that I never, ever have such thoughts in my mind. Why did it happen to me?”
Bhapa ji said “I know you are an honest young man with pious thoughts. It should not have happened to you. So tell me, what did you eat the night before?”
Bhagat Ram ji thought for a moment and replied “now I remember that when I was going home, an acquaintance of mine called me to come over to his shop. He was frying and selling ‘pakoras’ at his shop and offered me to have some. I did not want to, but he insisted. He was drunk and would not let go of me so I quickly ate couple of pakoras and left.”

“Did you pay for those pakoras?” Bhapa Ram Chand ji asked.
“No. I had not gone there to buy; he had offered them to me.”

“Well. That’s it.” Bhapa ji explained, everyone knows that he is not a good man. Lying, cheating, stealing, womanizing, gambling; any evil thing you can name, he has it. He does not make his living by honest means. Since you ate his food without paying him, his evil thoughts have entered in your mind. Go and pay him and you should be alright.”

Bhai Sahib Bhagat Ram ji told me that he went back to his shop right away and paid him some money and the dreams stopped.

Was it a coincidence?
Or perhaps the thoughts do travel through the food.

                                                                      ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Rajan Ji thanks for sharing very inspiring stories.


  2. Thank you Poojya Rajan ji.. When it come from real experience.. It effects..

    Kind regards


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