Thursday, September 3, 2015

Leave the shoes outside

Why are we asked to remove and leave the shoes outside when entering a Temple, Gurudwara or a Satsang place?

Feet are the lowest and considered the humblest part of the human body. You can place your hands, elbows or head on a table, you can even sit on it, but placing your feet on a table is usually considered rude and not acceptable. Feet are supposed to be on the ground.

Naked feet are the symbol of humility and modesty. Covering them with shoes is like covering or hiding your humbleness and meekness with hollow and pretentious ego. 

Humility, modesty and unpretentiousness are the first requirements in realizing the ‘Truth’.

The sign at the entrance that says: “Remove and leave your shoes outside” has a symbolical meaning.

It also means that “Remove your 'ego' before entering the place of God, ‘the Guru’s place’, or a place of worship and ‘Higher learning’.

‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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  1. So true Rajan Ji. Shedding one's ego is the key to spirituality.


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