Saturday, September 19, 2015


Loneliness need not be despair. It could be an opportunity; an opportunity to be in ‘solitude’ with the self.

We feel lonely when we don’t have contact with anyone or anything. Solitude means to be in the company of one’s ‘own self’.  Loneliness could be depressing, a misery, while Solitude may help us ‘make peace with our self’. It can be uplifting.

When we are lonely, we desperately try to find some company; either in some person or in some ‘thing’ such as radio, TV or internet games etc. To stay alone and quiet, even for few minutes, is very difficult. We keep on clicking on ‘Facebook’ or ‘WhatsApp’ every few minutes, just to see who is ‘out there’ or to let them know that ‘I am here’. We are so afraid of being alone that we try to find a ‘virtual company’.

But in fact, we are never alone.

We can never be alone.
*Can a living fish ever be alone? It’s always surrounded by water*. We are also always surrounded by All-pervading, Almighty God; Formless or in form of nature. He resides within our ‘self’ too.

Being alone means being with God, and talking to the ‘self’ is like talking to God. But it depends on which ‘self’ are we talking to. To the real self or the mind; to the physical self that we have become so accustomed to?

If we can learn to be with the ‘Self’, we will never be alone and feel ‘loneliness’.

                        ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

* तू दरिआओ दाना बीना, मैं मछुली कैसे अंत लहा 
जहि जहि देखा तहि तहि तू है, तुझ ते निकसी फूट मरा 
                                                  (गुरु नानक देव )

* Tu dariyao, daana beena, mai machhuli kaise ant lahaa
  Jeh jeh dekha, teh teh tu hai, Tujh te nikasi phoot maraa"
"You are the ocean; all-Knowing and all-seeing. I am a fish (within you) how can I ever know your limits. 
Wherever I see, You are there. Without You, I will die."
                                                                     (Guru Nanak Dev ji)


  1. Solution is always with us..still we feel lonely..Thanks for clearing it.

    Kind Regards

  2. "Swaas Swaas Simro Gobind, Man Antar Ki Uttare Chint" when we are internally connected with this God-Almighty 24/7, the state of being lonely will never be there.

    Thanks Uncle.



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