Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What we see may not be real.

What we see may not be real.
What is real may not be seen.

Sincere words may not be articulate.
Articulate words may not be sincere.

A good person may not be elegant.
An Elegant person may not be good.

He, who knows, does not show off his knowledge.
He, who shows off his knowledge, does not know.

He, who respects all, is respected by all.
He, who is arrogant, does not get sincere respect.

He, who asks, may be given.
He, who demands, may not get.

He, who leads with love, is followed with love.
He, who leads by power, is followed out of fear.

Saints get satisfaction by giving and serving.
Who craves for more and wants to be served, is always restless.

The saint is always content with what he has.
The worldly is always anxious to achieve more.

The saints pray for everyone’s happiness.
The selfish wants everything for himself.

A saint does not compete against anyone.

The sage is harmful to none and beneficial to all.

                                     ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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