Thursday, May 15, 2014


                                                (This beautiful writing is taken from a Tao site)

You look at it and it is not seen,
It is called the Formless.

You listen to it and it is not heard,
It is called the Soundless.

You grasp it and it is not to be held,
It is called the Intangible.

These three cannot be further inquired into.
It is the One in reality.

Its upper side is not bright,
Its underside is not dark,

Infinite and boundless, it is hardly nameable,

This is called the shapeless shape, the bodiless image,

It is called the Vague and Elusive.

While meeting it, you cannot see its head,
While following it, you fail to see its back.

- This is called the “Tao”.

(Or ‘Nirankar’ or ‘Omkaar’ or ‘Ishwar’…. It's the 'Essence' that matters, not the name) 

1 comment:

  1. very interesting poem

    You look at it and it is not seen
    now I see with Satguru's blessings - just like Swami Vivekanand saw it with grace of Thakur Paramhans ji

    You listen to it and it is not heard,
    with satguru's blessings now I hear it loudest (anhad naad) than any other sound I can hear. It is so overwhelming sound


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