Monday, May 19, 2014

Self vs. Body

As we grow, everything changes.

Our body automatically changes.

Our thoughts, desires and priorities change.

Our level of knowledge and understanding also changes through continuous learning and experience.

Change is inevitable.

The only constant thing that does not change in our existence is the “Self”.

When I was a child, it was ‘I’ who saw, heard, understood and experienced everything.

Now that I have grown up, though my body and thinking has changed, it is still ‘I’ who sees, hears, understands and experiences everything.

Today, when I look into the mirror, the image I see is not the same 
image that the mirror used to reflect 30 or40 years ago.

Though the image is totally different, the ‘I”, who is looking into the mirror today, is the same ‘I” who used to look into the mirror 40 years ago.

The image, the picture, the reflection has changed but the seer is same.

According to Hindu scriptures:

“‘Drishya’ and ‘Darshan’ change but the ‘Drashtaa’ never changes.”

What we see and the way we see or perceive things constantly keep changing but the ‘Seer’ never changes.

The ‘seer’; the one who sees feels and experiences is the never changing ‘Self’ or the ‘Aatman’.

                                                             ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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