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Seven Reasons people go to Religious places

Seven Reasons people go to Religious places

Everyone goes to a religious place for different reasons.
I think these are some common reasons:

1.       Ritual:
Many people simply go to their ancestral or favorite religious place as a ritual, a part of their faith. They believe this is part of their religion. They simply go, sit for a while, and perform the ritual according to their tradition. This might be the reason for many people who go to a temple, church or other religious places to perform certain ritual, Pooja or certain prayers that are required on certain days or a few times every day.  In their opinion, this is their religious duty; a ‘must’ requirement and that is all they need to do and nothing else.

2.    Chanting:
Many people like Chanting. Singing the devotional songs, in certain pitch and fast rhythms, together in a group, creates intoxication like effect. Hearing and singing loudly keeps the mind focused and away from other thoughts and worries. Most people feel happy and at peace in such environments which is the main purpose of going to Satsang and chanting.

3.    Meditation:
Meditation is an important part of every religion. They may have different names for it such as Sumiran, remembrance, being with God, being with oneself or silence in solitude etc. They may have different methods but the goal is same; to achieve stillness and peace of mind. Some people like to meditate privately and others like it in group settings. Some people may not have the right atmosphere at their homes or work places because of noise or other distractions. They may also need to learn how to do it, as well as some motivation by watching others.

Such people go to ‘Meditation groups and Satsang’ to get motivation, the right environment and to learn how to achieve it.

4.    To learn something new / To attain Gyaana:
Many people like to go to some religious places or Satsang to listen and learn something new. Most intellectuals fall in this category. In the past, some religious traditions used to hold lectures and debate sessions. These days, there are so many new individuals and organizations in every major religion and popular missions that hold regular lecture seminars, teaching classes and learning groups.  Because of the higher literacy rate, most people want to learn more and enjoy listening to something new. The learned saints with good oratory skills attract huge gatherings during their lectures. Sincere listeners and seekers make time to go to these events even if they are too busy.  

5.     Entertainment:
For many, going to a religious or spiritual seminar or a lecture session is more like a fashion or entertainment. Many rich and well off people attend certain events as a fashion; to show off to their friends that they have attended certain classical music concert, or visited an art gallery or something similar, even if they are not really interested in it. Similarly some people like to show off that they have attended some famous spiritual teacher or leader’s lecture seminar.

Then, many others go to such lectures and seminars for entertainment purpose only. What could be better than a ‘spiritual entertainment’?  It’s like killing two birds with one stone; being spiritual along with entertainment.

There are so many good speakers these days who can keep their audiences spell bound for hours with their knowledge and oratory skills. They narrate impressive stories; even tell jokes to make people laugh. So many people get hooked to their TV shows and even pay quite a good amount of money to listen to them in person.
Because they are becoming more and more popular these days, that is why we see so many new religious, spiritual and new era motivational speakers on TV and everywhere.

But, most people (not all), who watch or attend these lectures, enjoy it momentarily and forget it later.

6.    Socialization:
Some people think of such places as ‘social gathering’ and go there only to socialize. They meet their friends or try to make new friends to increase their social circle. Or even to meet new people to find more clients to improve their business.

7.     To please others:
Many children and teenagers go to these places simply to please their parents.
Some do it to please their spouse, a relative or a friend.
Some ‘Fund raising’ events may also be attended by some (not all) for this reason; to create or maintain a good public image or simply to please a friend or relative; boss or a co-worker.
They have absolutely no interest in what is really going on at that place.

What is your reason?

                                                                                         'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. Rev. rajan ji, i remember your vichar on ongay, mungay, chungay and dungay ....

  2. When I go to satsang I forget everyone else in my life and just be one with Nirankar. It satisfies my soul and giive me peace, I become more calm and happy with my life.


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