Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Never under-estimate the enemy.

There is no disaster greater than under-estimating the enemy.

After achieving the 'Gyana', we sometime start thinking that now we are above the normal humans. We assume that we have now conquered the 6 great enemies; namely Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsara (Desire, anger, greed, attachments, ego and jealousy)

Underestimating the enemy makes us lose our defenses and ‘guards’. 
It makes us careless and thus, vulnerable.  

The great saint Kabeer ji says;

“Mai Jaaneya Man mar gayaa, Par Ajahoon Mareyaa naahin
   Havaa Lage kusang kee to Moyaa bhi uthi jaahin”

                    "मैं जानया मन मर गया, पर अजहूँ मरया नाहिं  
                       हवा लगे कुसंग की तो मोया भी उठि जाहिं  "

“I thought that I have conquered my mind; it is as good as dead.
  But in fact it is not.
The moment some adverse situation arises, it finds the opportunity and lifts its head up.”

It’s like the grains and beans stored in a jar that may have been there for months or years. We might think that they are dead, but the moment they find water and right environment, they start to grow. If we soak them in water over night, there will be sprouts in the morning.

We thought they were dead, but in fact they were not.

Similarly, we might wrongly assume that we have conquered Ego, anger and greed etc. but in reality we may not have.

If everything continues to happen the way we want, then it’s easy to stay calm and humble, and assume that we have killed the ‘ego’.

If everyone pays respect to me and obeys me, then there is no reason for me to be angry. There is no need to show my ‘superiority or ego’. I can easily claim to be the ‘most humble, most kind and soft spoken person’ in the world. Most people around us would also think the same.

The real test would be when someone refuses to obey and challenges our ego.

Some people still might be able to maintain and show some humility at first or a few times but if constantly disobeyed, challenged and provoked, most people end up losing their control.

    “Jab  kisi  ka ‘aham’,  kisi ke ‘aham’ se takraata hai
    Aksar baandh Sanyam ka Tab 'Rajan' toot hee jaata hai”

                 “ जब किसी का अहम्  किसी के अहम् से टकराता है   

         अक़सर बाँध संयम का तब  'राजन' टूट  ही जाता है 

So………… Never underestimate the enemy.
Never lose your ‘guards’...... the ‘Gyaana’ 

                                                                ‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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