Monday, March 23, 2015

Truth sets you free

Few years ago, respected Sister Jeet Behan ji, then in charge at Jalandhar Satsang Bhavan, told me about an interesting incidence. There was a young devoted Bhakta, Mr. Tony (not his real name) who, even after trying very hard, was not able to get a good job. He has been called for many interviews but was rejected every time.
During the visit of a well-known and well respected saint at the Bhavan on a Sunday, Tony approached him and after explaining his situation, prayed and asked for his blessings. Sant ji thought for a moment and then casually told him to invite five saintly people for dinner before his next interview and serve them with devotion and love from his heart. “Those who serve with love and humility are blessed” he said.

Soon enough, he was called for an interview for a good promising job on next Monday. He approached Behan Jeet ji and requested her to come to his home for dinner on Sunday evening. He said that he wants to invite five people and asked to bring four others along with her.

So Behan Jeet ji asked two couples from the Sangat to come along.
When they were just about to leave for his home, a devotee from another town entered the Bhavan. He had come there just to see Behan ji. So instead of going back into the home and be late, she asked him to join them.

Tony ji was anxiously waiting for them, standing outside his house along with his family. When the guests arrived, he very enthusiastically opened her car door and, with utmost humility and devotion, presented a bouquet of flowers to her. When everyone entered their home, he noticed something. He realized there were six people, not five. He suddenly became sad. All his enthusiasm was gone. They still served them politely but it was obvious that something wasn’t right. Yet, no one said anything.
After dinner and blessing the family, Behan Jeet ji and others came back to Bhavan.
Few days later, Behan Jeet ji asked Mr. Tony about his interview.
He said he was quite disheartened and did not go for the interview. The Sant ji had told him to invite five people but there were six who came. He knew it was not going to work so there was no point in even going for the interview.

Behan ji was quite surprised. She had thought they invited five people because of the limited space in their home, and that one person is not going to make a big difference. She could not believe that a Giani and devotee Bhakta could be so superstitious.
She said to him “I think the Sant ji, considering your financial status, might have casually said to invite five people. Perhaps he did not want to put too much burden on you and your family by saying to cook for 15-20 people or for the whole Sangat. Neither that Sant ji nor I thought that you would follow it as a superstitious ritual”

Do we also still believe in such superstitions?

Are we still fearful that if we do not do certain things in certain ways, then God will not be happy, and even punish us?

Do we believe that God is vengeful, jealous and egotistic; with ordinary human like qualities, who is greedy for constant praises?

Or do we believe in an Almighty, all powerful, all pervading, Aseem, Nirbhau, Nir-vair, and all loving and most merciful God?  

“Brahm Praapti, Bhram Nivrti” ब्रहम प्राप्ति, भ्रम निवृति 

“Gian ki Praapti= Bhram ki Smaapti” ज्ञान प्राप्ति= भ्रम समाप्ति 

Knowledge removes Ignorance.

“Truth sets you free.”

                  ‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Truly liked it👍 awesome example ji🙏
    As some of us are still trapped into superstitious things and thoughts...whereas God knowledge (Brahmgyaan) takes us out of all such things, removes our misconceptions and help us lead our lives in Divine light..🙏


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