Monday, March 2, 2015


Yield: and ye shall not break.

Bend: and ye shall not be torn.

Tall trees get uprooted in storms.
But the grass that yields and bends down, straightens up again when the storm has passed.

“Sukhi base maskeeniaa, aapu nivaar talay
Bade Bade Ahankaariya, ‘Nanak’ garb gale” (GGS 278)

(The meek and humble beings live in peace; by subduing egotism.
The proud and arrogant people, O ‘Nanak’, are consumed by their own pride.)                 

“Jadon hankaar nu chhadiye, odon Nirankar milda ae”
                                                             (Avtar Bani 284)
(When we subdue egotism, only then we can reach God.)

“Kahe ‘Avtar’ nimarta de naal banda rub nu panda ae”
                                                              (Avtar Bani 342)
 (Says ‘Avtar’ by humility, one finds God.)

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”.
                                                               (Matthew 5:5)

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