Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dukh me Sumiran sub karen

When a child is full of vigor, he does not think of his mother. It is only when he is tired that he wants to nestle in her lap.
                                                                  (Dr. S Radhakrishnan)

When we are healthy, strong, happy and enjoying life, we hardly think of God.

When we face sorrow, when we get hurt or something goes wrong then we remember God, Guru, Almighty or whoever we believe in.

How strange is this fact that:

“Dukh daaru, Sukh rog bhayaa”

That pain and sorrow become the instruments in bringing us closer to God while happiness moves us away from Him.

Shouldn’t it be other way around?

Shouldn’t we be thankful and remember the Almighty more in the moments of joy and happiness?

Saints and sages tell us to be with the Almighty in every moment; however favorable or unfavorable it might be.

“Sukhaavasaane idmaiv Saaram
 Dukhaavasaane idmaiv gneyam
 Dehaavasaane idmaiv Jaapyam
 Govind Daamodar Maadhvaiti”
In the moments of joy and happiness
In the times of pain sorrow
As long as we live in the body
Remember Almighty    (with every breath till the last breath)

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