Saturday, March 14, 2015

This world I see is a reflection

This world I see is a reflection of me
Wish I could see this world like Thee.

Caught up in every thought, I create my own scene.
I sit on a throne, thinking I'm a queen.

Failing to see, that all I know can shatter,
I continue to do, what I think would matter

Every day I create a new worry,
I go through every moment in a hurry.

Up here so high, everything I see looks so small.
I wonder how I let myself feel tall.

Today, in this moment I take in the sight.
Today, in this moment I see YOUR light.

Today I see so clear
Today I feel YOU near

                                    By: “Karuna Sachdeva”


  1. Beautiful thoughts👌May Babaji bless with His wisdom 🙏😇

  2. Beautiful thoughts👌 May Babaji bless her with His wisdom 🙏


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