Friday, February 20, 2015

The Treasure Box

We usually keep our treasure locked in a safe deposit box or a locker.
When we want, we have to unlock to get it.
The precious locker vaults are usually behind several doors and we have to unlock each door in order to get to the treasure box.

Similarly, the 'Treasure' that is called "Self" is also hidden in a deeper vault.
We have to unlock several doors before we can reach it.
There are four main doors that must be unlocked.
1. Body lock
2. Emotional lock
3. Intellectual lock
4. And Spiritual lock

1. Body Lock:
     First and the foremost outer lock is the body. We are most attached with our bodies; we usually identify ourselves with the body. Of course we need to fulfill the basic needs and desires of the body but in order to reach the 'Self', first we have to unlock this door and go beyond it.

2. Emotional lock:
     Besides the body, we are emotionally attached with lot of other things such as family, friends, the loved ones and enemies; not only people but with the things, ambitions and emotions as well. Ironically, sometimes we are more attached to people that we don't like than to those that we like, we usually think about the enemies more than the friends.
To get to the 'Self', we need to go beyond this emotional door.

3. Intellectual Lock:
   We are locked into certain ideology. Since the childhood, we have acquired certain ideas, thoughts and philosophies and we cannot think beyond them. We cannot accept anything that does not match with our acquired knowledge or beliefs. We must unlock this door and let go of all the pre-conceived ideas to unveil the 'Self'.

4. Spiritual lock:
    After crossing all the previous doors, we enter into the Spiritual door.
As we can see, each door is behind its previous door and we must cross and unlock them before reaching to this final door. It does not mean that we abandon or reject the first three steps. We simply need to unlock; by going through and realizing their actual meaning and function, without getting over attached with them.
Passing through this Spiritual door, we can finally realize the ‘Self’.

Lord Krishna says:
Subtle than the body, are the senses.
Behind the senses is mind, and intellect is deeper than the mind.
Yet, further deep is the ‘Chitta’ (subconscious).
And beyond the Chitta is the Self, called Aatman.  
                                                                  (Bhagvad Gita 3:42)

‘Rajan Sachdeva’

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  1. Thank you sooo much Rajan Ji. You did all of the study as well as hard work and "Sanoo Pakki Pakai Mil Gaye)". I strongly suggest you send for printing in the Sant Nirankari.


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