Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prabhu ki ustati karahu sant meet

The Fish that lives under the deep waters is difficult to catch.
But those near the surface are caught easily.

Sumiran, that is done at the surface level; such as repeating after someone simply with the lips or as a ritual gets distracted very easily.

Doing Sumiran at the deeper level; form the Chitta, the subconscious mind, has less chances of getting distracted.

“Prabhu ki ustati karahu sant meet
 Saavdhaan ekaagra cheet”
“Sing the praise of Lord, Oh my saintly friends
With total concentration and focused Chitta (mind)”  
                                                                      SGGS Page # 295

“Yathaa Deepo Nivaastastho Naingate Sopmaasmrita
 Yogino Yattchittasya Yunjato Yogamaatmnah ||
“Just like a lamp in a covered sheltered place does not flicker,
Similar is the simile of a yogi practicing yoga with undisturbed controlled mind.”                             Bhagvad Gita 6:19  

Let’s try to go deeper while doing Sumiran.
    'Rajan Sachdeva'


  1. I think REAL question which needs to be answered "how to go deep". That is where I need help.

    1. I think going ‘deep’ means leaving the surface behind.
      If we want to go from point A to B, then we have to leave the point A behind.
      Reaching the Chitta, sub-conscious means leaving the conscious mind behind.

      The scriptures tell us:
      “Na Tatra chaksurgachhati Na Vag-gachhati no Manah”
      “Ken Upanishad”
      “Neither eyes can go there nor can speech nor mind reach there (the Self)”

      “Roop Rang Te Rekhon Nyaare”
      “Man Budhi te Aqlon baahre” (Avtar Vani)

      To go deep we have to go beyond the field of vision or speech; eyes or tongue. Beyond the conscious mind; being ‘Nir-Vichaar’…‘thoughtless’.

      I guess going deep is not a method or process or ‘doing’.
      Rather it is ‘not-doing’.

    2. GURUPRAKASH SINGH CHUGHFebruary 28, 2015 at 4:11 PM

      Going deep simply means inherent Simran 24x7 that too consciously while living in this world, Satsang like a empty pot kept upright under tap with no holes & Nishkam Sewa on every available opportunity.

  2. Absolutely. I agree. Everything of course starts with the conscious mind and eventually the Sumiran goes deep into subconscious and continues in the back of the head while doing other things.
    Thanks for your kind input.

  3. 24x7 consciously?
    It may sound easy and simple but we all know conscious mind can not stay on one thought all the time. no matter what some one says , I do not believe any one can do simran 24 x 7 with conscious mind.
    N K

  4. Das think, we continue to breathe irrespective of our activity / state of mind, but as soon as there is difficulty in breathing; we automatically become conscious immediately & try to sort out & correct the fault on our own; otherwise consult some doctor. Similarly should be the case with Simran i.e inherent (sahaj) 24X7. If not happening than we should introspect & try to find fault within, otherwise we have support of saints like you & The Satguru who all can act as Doctor to guide you & sort out the issue.


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