Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Battles

Recently, I came across an interesting theory about the four Yugas, the division of time since the beginning of civilization.

The four Yugas explained in Hinduism are:

1. Satya Yuga (Dev and Asur Period)
2. Tretaa Yuga (Ramayana Period)
3. Dwaapar Yuga (Mahabharata Period)
4. Kali Yuga (Present-Time)

Interestingly, some major battles took place in every Yuga.

In Satya Yuga, the battle was between two different worlds; Deva-lok and Asur lok. Asur lok being the evil was a different World.

In Tretaa Yuga, the battle was between Ram and Ravan; the rulers of two different Countries. 

In Dwaapar Yuga, the battle took place between Pandavs and Kauravs; from the Same Family.

Please note how the battles were getting closer; from Different WORLDS to Different Countries, to the SAME FAMILY.

Now, where is the battle in Kali-Yuga, the present time?

It is within individuals. It is with ‘us’.

We are never at peace. We are constantly fighting with ourselves; for unfulfilled desires and ambitions, likes and dislikes, with ego and disappointments or guilt and so on.

Since both, good and evil live within our own mind, there is a constant battle between the two within our own self.

The ‘Good’ triumphed in the previous battles that took place in Satya, Tretaa and Dwaapar Yugas.

Who will win this battle now that is taking place within our-selves?

I once heard a story from the Native American Indian tradition.  
A father, while teaching his young son told him that two wolfs live within the hearts of all men. And these wolfs are always fighting with each other. They constantly attack each other and try to defeat the other.

“Who wins”? The son asked.

“Whom we feed regularly” Father said.
                                 ~       ~     ~     ~    ~

This is the law of nature. The stronger wins and survives.

We need to constantly feed the “good” and starve the evil to win this battle within the mind.

‘Rajan Sachdeva’


  1. Thanks a lot our dear rev. Rajan Jee for your wonderful thoughts expressed under The Battles. May Almighty Nirankar keep on showering the choicest blessings on all noble humans like You !!!!!
    Yours own, Premjit Singh.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Rajan Ji. Numerous times i've heard about these yugas, but this is the first time i came across such explanation. Very easy to understand as well.

    Thank you - Amit


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