Friday, August 11, 2017

Share Knowledge Responsibly

Today most people consider knowledge as a mere product to be packaged, marketed and sold. Their interest is not in providing benefit to others but in filling their own wallets or fulfilling some other selfish motives.
We live in a world where sharing knowledge unselfishly is not a virtue anymore. 
Today, the new technologies have provided much faster ways to communicate all over the world through the social media. One can send a message to thousands of people instantaneously, simply by clicking a button.
But the question is: Are we doing it responsibly? 
Are we using this wonderful technology for providing true Gyana, useful knowledge to others that can be beneficial to them?
Or to spread false and selfish ideas for some personal gain?

"Faridaa je tu aql lateef hain, kaalay likh na laikh
Aapunday girevaan me, sir neevaan kar daikh"
                                              'Sheikh Farid'

If you are knowledgeable (or if you think you are knowledgeable) then don’t write bad about others to denounce and degrade them.
Instead, we should look into our own mind to see where we stand. 

Before criticizing and denouncing others, one should look into one’s own actions, and motives behind them. 

' Rajan Sachdeva '

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  1. Sharing knowledge responsibly is even more important with the advent od the internet. There is a lot of information on conspiracy theories, false medical information, fraud claims and fake historical facts online. We should always be rechecking claims made online with more reputable sources. The majority of people do not share knowledge responsibly.


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