Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Who is Poor?

A wealthy woman goes to a saree store and asks the salesman at the counter: 
"Bhaiya! show me some cheap sarees. It's my son's wedding and I have to give a gift to my maid."

After sometime, the maid comes to the same saree shop and says to the salesman:
"Bhaiya! Show me some expensive sarees please. I want to gift it to my boss on her son's wedding"

Who is poor? 
The rich mistress of the house or the maid servant?
 "Is Poverty in the mind or in the purse?"
It actually depends on “who the gift is for”. 
Usually, we don’t give a cheap gift to wealthy people because they might feel offended if it’s below their ‘standard’. However, we don’t see a need for giving expensive gifts to poor people. They will be happy to receive anything that might be useful to them. 
Shouldn't it be other way around? 
We give expensive things to the rich who don't need our help - Not to the poor - who may actually need them but cannot afford.  
Real Seva is to see and provide what someone needs – or will be happy to have it, but is unable to afford.

                              ‘Rajan Sachdeva’ 

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